5-day NewME Detox

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Inspired from her book REVIVAL Angela’s crafted this 5-day detox based on her daily routine to help you create a new you. This 5-day journey resets not just your body but your way of life. Whether your goal is to reset to perform at your optimal level in your fast paced life or you simply want to build a healthier and sustainable life, join Angela in this NEWME detox on your own terms; from your own kitchen, on your own schedule, and on your own budget.

What’s In The Box

  • 5-Day AB Reset: Over 15 exclusive, easy-to-make plant based recipes nutritionally designed to help you boost, build, and accelerate your body to it’s healthiest state;

  • ‘Enlighten’ Detox Drops: Chlorophyll + Trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and detoxification

  • ‘Cultivate’ Daily Prebiotic Blend: Our signature prebiotic blend to nurture your gut

  • ‘Raw Talent’ Plant based Detox Bars

  • ‘It’s Lit’ Energy Booster: MCT + Tumeric + Ginger natural energy shots

  • ‘Life Source’ Moringa Powder: Potent Superfood for immune support, detoxification, energy, and mental clarity

  • ‘Sh*t Starter’ Detox Tea: Senna + White Mulberry Leaf + Persimmon and Papaya Leaf + Loquat Leaf for de-bloating and digestion